Restorative Treatment for Elderly Patients with Low Back Pain

As we age, low back pain becomes an all-too-common companion, affecting our daily lives and robbing us of the joy in our golden years. The challenges faced by elderly individuals, including age-related wear and tear on the spine, diminished muscle strength, and injuries sustained over a lifetime, make managing low back pain a daunting task.

Traditional treatments often fall short, merely masking the symptoms without addressing the root cause of the pain. It’s time for a breakthrough solution that can truly restore your quality of life.

ReActiv8, the only restorative neurostimulation therapy for mechanical CLBP, is here to help you potentially regain your function.

How ReActiv8 Is Helping Elderly Patients Around The World

ReActiv8 is a small medical device implanted in your lower back, stimulating the nerves connected to the most important stabilizing muscles in your lower back. By stimulating these nerves, controlled muscle contractions are triggered causing an improvement in neuromuscular control and may result in added spine stability, while providing much-needed relief from low back pain.

Unlike other treatment options, ReActiv8 helps break the cycle of pain, deterioration, and functional decline that comes with chronic low back pain. It tackles the underlying cause, bringing lasting relief that helps you regain the mobility and independence you deserve.

This pioneering treatment has been proven both safe and effective, backed by extensive clinical research and approved by the FDA. It’s time to embrace a future free from the limitations of low back pain.

Low Back Pain Relief Benefits for Elderly Patients

As an elderly patient, ReActiv8 is intended to improve your overall quality of life and empower you to fully engage in the activities you love, unencumbered by chronic back pain. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and the reliance on medication or invasive procedures.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Countless patients have experienced remarkable improvements in their back pain and function with ReActiv8. Hear their inspiring success stories in the testimonial videos below.

How ReActiv8 Works

ReActiv8 is a sophisticated neurostimulation device that is carefully implanted in your lower back. With the help of two electrical leads, ReActiv8 sends gentle electrical impulses to the nerves responsible for stabilizing your lumbar muscles, such as the multifidus muscles.

These impulses cause the muscles to contract, sending a signal to your brain. As a response, your brain triggers the restoration of neuromuscular control, ultimately relieving pain and restoring stability.

ReActiv8 is here to interrupt the cycle of pain, giving you the lasting relief you deserve.

Is ReActiv8 Right For You?

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Do you experience frequent back pain, muscle spasms, or instability? Have these symptoms worsened over time?
  • Do you feel pain or spasms in your back during everyday tasks like picking up objects, sweeping, or even washing your face?
  • Does prolonged sitting, standing, or driving result in increased back pain?
  • Do you find yourself needing to change positions frequently or rely on your arms for support due to back pain?


If any of these resonate with you, it’s time to bid farewell to low back pain and discover the possibilities with ReActiv8.

Take the first step today by finding a qualified physician in your area who can guide you through your ReActiv8 journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

ReActiv8 addresses the root cause of mechanical low back pain by aiding patients in regaining control over their multifidus muscle's neuromuscular function.

The multifidus muscle plays a crucial role in maintaining stability in the lower back. If this muscle is injured, it can result in a loss of control and decreased functional stability of the spine, making it more susceptible to further injuries and strain. By improving the neuromuscular control of the multifidus muscle, ReActiv8 can help to stabilize your spine, enhance function, and reduce pain.

Our RSVP Program is designed to improve your access to ReActiv8 by assisting with prior authorizations and appeals based on your specific needs. 

Enroll in the RSVP program here to explore your options.

ReActiv8 is a treatment for mechanical chronic low back pain that provides targeted stimulation to the multifidus muscle in two 30-minute sessions per day. Its goal is to improve neuromuscular control and increase overall function. On the other hand, SCS is a treatment for chronic low back pain resulting from compressed nerves. It delivers constant stimulation 24/7, aiming to reduce the perception of pain.

Consult with your healthcare provider to determine if ReActiv8 is suitable for you. Complete the health survey to evaluate your eligibility and schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

Trust Elements

Compelling Patient Outcomes

ReActiv-8 clinical trial patient outcomes after three years.

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VAS Reduction ≥ 50%
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ODI Reduction ≥ 20 Points
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Resolution of CLB (VAS < 2.5)
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Voluntary Eliminated or Reduced Opioid Use

Join Hundreds of Elderly Patients and Get Started With ReActiv8 Today!

Join hundreds of individuals just like you who have embarked on their journey to a pain-free life with ReActiv8. Our safe and minimally invasive therapy has brought lasting relief from low back pain to numerous patients.

Begin your own transformative experience today by finding a qualified ReActiv8 physician in your area. It’s time to reclaim your life and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

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