Say Goodbye to Pain with ReActiv8 Treatment: The Science Behind it

What is reactiv8

Chronic lower back pain can be debilitating and take a toll on your physical and mental health. Thankfully, ReActiv8 is an advanced form of restorative therapy that combines the latest breakthroughs in technology with safe and reliable treatments to help people suffering from chronic lower back pain get the relief they need.

With its cutting-edge approach to relieving chronic discomfort, ReActiv8 is revolutionizing mechanical chronic lower back pain. It is designed to target the root cause of your pain, rather than just masking the symptoms. Through targeted stimulation, ReActiv8 can help restore normal functioning in your body, providing long-term relief from your chronic condition.

In this post, we’ll discuss the science behind ReActiv8 and how it works to provide relief from chronic lower back pain.

What is ReActiv8?

Chronic lower back pain remains one of the most common sources of pain for people of all ages and backgrounds. Once there is an injury or noxious stimuli on the surrounding tissues of the spine, the muscles can become tense and constricted creating a noxious pathway to the brain. This pain gives rise to limited mobility and function and lessened quality of life.

ReActiv8 is an FDA-approved groundbreaking form of restorative therapy that combines technology with proven treatments to help people suffering from mechanical chronic lower back pain get lasting relief.

How ReActiv8 Treatment Works

Your doctor implants the ReActiv8 system in the lower back with the pulse generator placed under the skin on the upper buttocks.

ReActiv8 technology uses two electrical leads positioned for targeted electrical stimulation to stimulate the nerves that control and innervate the multifidus muscles, the largest stabilizing muscle in your back. This stimulation helps the body overcome neural inhibition, restore normal muscle tone, reduce spinal misalignment, and offer pain relief.

You can also have full freedom to control your twice-daily, 30-minute therapy sessions of ReActiv8. Many patients have likened this experience to that of a deep tissue massage.

How ReActiv8 Can Help You

Compared to traditional palliative treatment plans or conservative therapy, ReActiv8 is a restorative treatment that comes with many benefits:

Relief From Chronic Pain and Discomfort

Unlike traditional lower back pain treatments, ReActiv8 is a restorative treatment that treats the root cause by improving function. By taking this remedial approach, ReActiv8 can help provide relief from chronic lower back pain.

Also, since ReActiv8 is a safe and minimally-invasive treatment, there are no risks associated with the use of medication or surgery.

Improved Mobility and stability

Joint mobility and stability allow you to move freely and with ease. With ReActiv8, you can get relief from chronic lower back pain while improving your range of motion and stability.

By improving the stability of the multifidus muscle, the spinal column can be stabilized and realigned, resulting in better mobility.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

ReActiv8 helps you to move freely without pain, allowing you to perform better in your physical activities. By addressing neuromuscular control and degeneration of the multifidus muscle and improving mobility, ReActiv8 can help improve overall athletic performance.

Boosted Overall Health and Wellness

ReActiv8 is a restorative treatment that not only helps you manage your pain but also supports the health of your entire body. As it relieves tension in the body, it helps stimulate metabolic processes, allowing you to feel energized and refreshed. It also boosts your overall health and wellness by promoting deep relaxation.

The Science Behind ReActiv8

Clinical Studies and Research on ReActiv8 Treatment

ReActiv8 has been clinically tested in various studies, and the results have been promising. In one study reported in the Pain Journal, it was found that 78% of patients with chronic lower back pain who received ReActiv8 treatment reported being “definitely satisfied” with the treatment.

Also, 64% experienced a significant reduction in pain levels by 50% or more compared to those receiving sham-controlled treatments.

Comparison to Traditional Pain Management Techniques

ReActiv8 is a restorative therapy that goes beyond traditional pain management techniques. Instead of merely masking the symptoms, it works to restore normal spinal function and reduce mechanical injury-related pain.

ReActiv8 can also be used in conjunction with other treatments such as physical therapy or exercise programs to further enhance its effect. Additionally, ReActiv8 is a safe and minimally-invasive treatment option that comes without the risk of medication side effects or surgery.

What To Expect From a ReActiv8 Session

Here’s what you can expect from a ReActiv8 Session:

Overview of the ReActiv8 Treatment Process

If you are interested in being a candidate for ReActiv8 therapy to address your CLBP, the first step is to consult with a ReActiv8-certified healthcare provider near you.

During this consultation, they will assess your condition and determine if you are an eligible candidate for ReActiv8 therapy. They will also explain the process and provide an overview of what to expect with each session.

Find A ReActiv8 Doctor

Safety and Effectiveness of ReActiv8 Treatment

ReActiv8 is a safe and effective treatment for combating chronic lower back pain. It has been clinically tested and its efficacy is comparable or superior to traditional treatments.

In addition, its safety profile is excellent. There have been no reported side effects associated with ReActiv8 therapy.

How Many Sessions Are Typically Required

The number of sessions required for optimal results varies from person to person. However, since it is a restorative therapy, it may take a while for patients to start experiencing pain relief and improvements in function. 

Overall, patients reported long-term improvements in pain and quality of life after one year of treatment. 

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ReActiv8 is a revolutionary restorative treatment that can provide effective relief from mechanical chronic lower back pain. It helps to restore normal muscle tone, reduce spinal misalignment, improve mobility and flexibility, and boost overall health and wellness.

The technology has been clinically tested with overwhelmingly positive results, and its safety profile is excellent. As a result, it has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional pain management techniques.

If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain and looking for relief, we encourage you to speak with a ReActiv8-certified healthcare provider today and find out if this treatment option could be the right fit for you.

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