Restorative Treatment for Military Veterans With Low Back Pain

The men and women who served in the military face unique challenges when it comes to managing low back pain. Physical demands during active duty, injuries sustained in the line of duty, and long-term wear and tear on the spine can all contribute to chronic back pain.

Unfortunately, traditional treatments are often inadequate to provide lasting relief as they do not address the underlying cause of pain. For this reason, a new solution is needed to help veterans regain their quality of life.

ReActiv8, a revolutionary restorative neurostimulation therapy, provides this much-needed solution.

How ReActiv8 Is Helping Veterans Around The World

ReActiv8 offers transformative relief to veterans with low back pain.

ReActiv8 is implanted in the lower back and stimulates the nerves responsible for the muscles. This stimulation causes controlled muscle contractions that can help improve neuromuscular control, leading to better spine stability and relief from low back pain.

Unlike other treatment options, ReActiv8 interrupts the cycle of pain, degeneration, and functional decline associated with chronic low back pain.

Also, this pioneering treatment has proven to be both safe and effective, as it is backed by clinical and approved by the FDA.

Low Back Pain Relief Benefits for Military Veterans

ReActiv8 has been shown to help improve the overall quality of life of military veterans, allowing them to enjoy their newfound freedom from pain and fully participate in activities they may have missed due to chronic back pain.

Also, this non-pharmacological therapy can be a welcome alternative for veterans seeking alternatives to medication or invasive procedures.

But don’t take our word for it!

Hundreds of patients have seen a dramatic improvement in their back pain and function. Here are their success stories.

How ReActiv8 Works

ReActiv8 is a neurostimulation device that is implanted in the lower back. Using two electrical leads, ReActiv8 transmits electrical impulses to the nerves tasked with innervating the deep stabilizing lumbar muscles, such as the multifidus muscles.

These impulses cause the muscles to contract which the brain detects. In response, the brain can trigger the restoration of neuromuscular control.

ReActiv8 is here to interrupt the cycle of pain and provide lasting relief for military veterans with low back pain.

Is ReActiv8 Right For You?

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

Do you experience back pain, muscle spasms, or instability regularly?

Do they seem to be getting worse this time?

Do you feel any pain or spasms in your back while doing simple tasks like leaning forward to pick up something, sweeping, or washing your face?

Do you experience increasing back pain if you remain seated, standing, or driving for an extended period?

Do you experience pain that requires you to change positions or use your arms to support yourself?

Then, it’s time to say goodbye to your low back pain and explore ReActiv8Take the first step today — find a qualified physician in your area today.

Frequently Asked Questions

ReActiv8 tackles the root cause of mechanical low back pain by assisting patients in regaining control of their multifidus muscle's neuromuscular function.

The lower back relies heavily on the multifidus muscle to maintain stability. If this muscle is injured, it can lead to a loss of control over the muscle which, in turn, decreases the functional stability of the spine. This makes the spine more vulnerable to further injuries and overloading.

Improving the neuromuscular control of the multifidus muscle can stabilize the spine, leading to better function and less pain.

Enrolling in the RSVP Program can improve your access to ReActiv8 by submitting prior authorizations and appeals based on patient needs.

Enroll in the RSVP program here.

ReActiv8 is a treatment for mechanical chronic low back pain that provides stimulation to the multifidus muscle in two 30-minute sessions per day. Its goal is to improve neuromuscular control and increase function. On the other hand, SCS is a treatment for chronic low back pain resulting from compressed nerves that provides constant stimulation 24/7 with the aim of reducing the perception of pain.

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ReActiv8 is a safe, minimally invasive therapy that has been proven to bring lasting relief from low back pain in hundreds of patients. Take the first step today and start your journey to a pain-free life.

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